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Timbuk3 was...

The husband and wife team of Pat MacDonald and Barbara K. MacDonald formed the core of Timbuk3. They were joined in 1991 by Wally Ingram and Courtney Audain. Their music was characterized by witty lyrics, sharp satire, and a wonderful play on words. Sharp music, synthesized drum sounds (on early albums), vocal harmonizing, harmonica, and a distict guitar sound made this band extremely enjoyable.

Timbuk3's most recognizable song is, of course, "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades", one of those wonderful satirical songs. Other well-known tunes include "Facts About Cats" and "Easy".

If the "Future's so Bright", Was the Past Really That Dim?

Well, here's how BarbaraK describes it...

When I was twenty I wanted to play like J.J. Cale, so I'd put on his records and try to play along. I got discouraged quite often, but I was determined. After a couple of years I was doing okay. I started my first band. This was in Madison, Wisconsin. The name is embarrassing to me now so I won't tell you what it was. Oh, all right, it was called Barbara K & the Kat's Away.

After a year or so with my first band, I quit and joined up with another - Pat MacDonald and the Essentials. That lasted a couple of years. Then Pat and I got the idea to start something new and call it Timbuk3.

Timbuk3 was "discovered" while playing to a packed club of twelve people in a bar that had "Roadhouse" somewhere in their name on the corner of 6th and Rio Grande right here in Austin in 1985. We got signed up to play MTV's "The Cutting Edge". A couple of months later, we got signed up to our first record deal on IRS Records. We had a hit song with "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades" right out of the box.

Excerpted from "Spotlight on Barbara K"
Courtesy of Steamboat 1874 in Austin, Texas

Today, Timbuk3 is ...

The public never quite seemed to have latched on to Timbuk3. They never got it. Many people think of Timbuk3 as one of those one-hit-wonder bands. But you and I know better, don't we? Timbuk3's music is fantastic -- multifaceted in its sound, playful in it's lyrics, powerful in its statements, biting in it's satire.

And yet, alas, Timbuk3 is no more. Their last release was "A Hundred Lovers" in 1995. But their music lives on for those of us who already have their CDs or are lucky enough to find them in used CD stores.

And fortunately, both Pat MacDonald and BarbaraK have continued their life's love with solo music careers.

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