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Release Format and Price

"Greetings From..."

$12 for used CD

$20 for open, but unused vinyl LP

$25 for unopened vinyl LP

"All I Want For Christmas (Is World Peace)"
B-side: "Medley: Blue Christmas / I Love You X 3"

$10 for unused 45 rpm (in plain sleeve)

"Eden Alley"

$12 for used CD

$25 for unopened vinyl LP

"Big Shot In The Dark"

$12 for used CD

"Espace Ornano"

$15 for new CD

"Looks Like Dark To Me"

$12 for used CD

"A Hundred Lovers"

$12 for used CD

$15 for new CD

"Sleeps With His Guitar"

$15 for new CD

$12 for unused promo CD (in paper sleeve)

"Begging Her Graces"

$15 for new CD

"Degrees Of Gone"

$15 for new CD

"Strange Love - PM Does DM"

$15 for new CD

I'm always on the hunt for additional Timbuk3 and Pat MacDonald CDs. Email me if you have something to sell or want to place your name on the list for that one CD you don't have (like "Degrees Of Gone" :-).

Buy Timbuk3 Memorabilia and Collectables

Here are some of the Timbuk3 and Pat MacDonald collectable items I'm selling...

Item Price

"Greetings From..." Postcard

This 6- x 4-inch postcard announces the release of Timbuk3's debut, "Greetings From".

The reverse side states "LP & Cassette out August 11", and also includes a quotation from the liner notes:

"Priceless treasures often turn up in unlikely places. On occasion, while exploring the vast regions of America where the great cultural desert meets the jungle of imagination the adventurous spirit may chance upon Timbuk3. The first thing you notice is the sound of drums, wild yet strangely familiar. The faint hammering of civilization gently chipping at your defenses. Next you hear voices. Almost instinctively you move closer to the sound. You look around and find yourself in a nightclub. You know you're on the edge of uncharted territory, yet somehow you feel at home.

Gradually, or maybe suddenly you're overcome by an irresistible urge to dance."

The postcard is unused and in perfect condition; there is no writing on the reverse side.


"Looks Like Dark To Me" Postcard

This 6- x 4.25-inch postcard announces the release of Timbuk3's "Looks Like Dark To Me".

The reverse side is blank.

The postcard is unused and in perfect condition; there is no writing on the reverse side.


"A Hundred Lovers" Postcard

This 6- x 4.25-inch postcard announces the release of Timbuk3's final release, "A Hundred Lovers".

The reverse side states:

A Hundred Lovers

Last fall's Looks Like Dark To Me, a six-song EP, let everyone know that singer-songwriters Pat MacDonald and Barbara K. are back with their special brand of techno-blues.

A Hundred Lovers is the first studio album from Timbuk3 in four years, expanding their compelling blend of hypnotic rhythms, clever wordplay, stinging guitars, and sweet-&-sour harmonies. With help from Courtney Audain on bass and Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow) on drums, and mixed by Jim Scott (Tom Petty, Robbie Robertson, Sting), Timbuk3 are blazing new trails in "21st century blues."

"Timbuk3 are homespun nonconformists... demonstrating how to join cheer, sass, and skepticism within individualistic pop." -New York Times

Watch for Timbuk3 -- Touring in your market.

The postcard is unused and in perfect condition; there is no writing on the reverse side.


"A Hundred Lovers" Button

This is a 1.5-inch diameter round pin-on button featuring artwork from "A Hundred Lovers".


"A Hundred Lovers" Temporary Tattoo

This is a 2- x 2-inch temporary tattoo featuring artwork from "A Hundred Lovers".

It has a clear, protective film and is still on the backing paper. (That's why the photo shows the tattoo in a mirror image.)

The tattoo is unused and ready to wear!


Round Timbuk3 Logo Sticker

This is a 6-inch round sticker on a white background with red, purple, yellow, and pale blue designs.

The sticker is in perfect condition and has not been used (still has original backing paper).


Photo #1

This is an 8- x 10.25-inch, glossy, black-and-white photo of Pat MacDonald & Barbara K., dated 1987.

The photo is in very good condition with only minor crumples on the edges. Great for framing.


Photo #2

This is an 8- x 10-inch, matte, black-and-white photo of Pat MacDonald & Barbara K.

The photo is in perfect condition with no imperfections of any kind. Great for framing.


Timbuk3 Guitar Picks

These guitar picks are original, authentic Timbuk3 items. They come in three color combinations:

  • Light blue with black lettering
  • Red with white lettering
  • Pink with black lettering

$1 per set of three

Over the next several weeks, I'll be auctioning additional items on eBay. Keep an eye on www.ebay.com, or send me your email address and I'll notify you of whenever I put something up for sale.

All items include shipping via First Class mail within the continental US.
Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and other countries is extra.
Insurance is optional and extra.

I prefer payment via Money Order.
I also accept electronic payment using PayPal or Citibank (c2it).

Email me at robertoD@Timbuk3Music.com for all inquiries.

Last update: 2003-Aug-15

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