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Pat MacDonald
"Sleeps With His Guitar"

Released 1997
Ark 21
61868 10006 2 4


Produced By Pat MacDonald and Greg Wells

Tracks and Lyrics

  1. To Track You Down [4:00]
  2. Missing [2:45]
  3. Like Water [3:51] (MP3)
  4. Seven [4:22]
  5. Turn On Me [4:06] (MP3)
  6. Daddy's Down In The Mine [2:43]
  7. Drive Me Around [2:58]
  8. Bone China [3:02] (MP3)
  9. Smoke [3:51]
  10. Stupid Simple Song [2:49]
  11. Beautiful Beautiful Thing [3:42]
  12. The History Of Man [4:29]
  13. Metaphor Ya Baby [4:19] (MP3)
  14. You Left Something [3:12]
  15. Take It Outside [3:23] (MP3)
  16. Thanks For Comin' [3:10]

Memorable Lyrics

From The History Of Man

" Primordial ooze to the primate boogie
Blue suede shoes and tryin to get lucky
Born to lose and lookin for nookie
The History of Man


Reto Koradi (http://www.westnet.com/consumable/1997/08.07/revpatmc.html) - from the album review at Consumable On Line

Sleeps With His Guitar is an album that does not make use of any cheap thrills; it sounds unspectacular at first listen. But it shows a degree of honesty and dedication that is rarely found. Unfortunately this is not what is needed on the mass market, so Pat MacDonald is likely to join the club of great underrated artists, with people like T Bone Burnett. But this should not stop you from enjoying this wonderful album for your own private pleasure.

Matt Blumenfeld (snowcone@blarg.net)

Pat is the shit. The good stuff. i wish i could write like he does.

Pat MacDonald - from the album's liner notes

These songs seem to be mostly about looking for something - not always knowing what it is. Sometimes it's just some notes to play and some words to sing. Sometimes it's a cure for depression. I've taken a break from social commentary. Lately there's been so much upheaval in my own life, cool observation is out of the question. Yeah, I do (sleep with my guitar) but it's not a sexual thing. It's not even platonic. It's more like a master/slave relationship. I'm the slave. It wakes me in the middle of the night and says, "dig here." Sometimes when I'm good - not too drowsy or too wide awake - it rewards me with a song.

Bob Diaz (robertoD@Timbuk3Music.com)

Here's Pat MacDonald's first solo album after the breakup of Timbuk3.

Maggie (jmorton@mcn.org)

This has to be one of my all-time favorites. Pat is the most amazing lyricist I've come across so far, and I'm looking forward to his future releases!

Chris (cellis@twistedweb.com)

This is my favorite album for a long time now! I just can't seem to put it away.

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