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"Some Of The Best Of Timbuk3 / Field Guide"

(Greatest Hits)

Released 1992
IRS Music Inc
X2 07777 13162 27


Tracks and Lyrics

  1. The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades [3:21]
  2. Life Is Hard [4:08]
  3. Just Another Movie [4:16]
  4. Rev. Jack & His Roamin Cadillac Church [4:13]
  5. Too Much Sex, Not Enough Affection [3:15]
  6. Welcome To The Human Race [3:17]
  7. National Holiday [4:00]
  8. Acid Rain [3:13]
  9. Standard White Jesus [4:45]
  10. Sunshine [4:12]
  11. Mudflap Girl [4:50]
  12. Assholes on Parade [3:27]
  13. Hairstyles And Attitudes [2:50]
  14. Big Shot In The Dark [6:33]

Memorable Lyrics

From Assholes On Parade

" Oh teacher won't you tell me
Have I really made the grade?
Am I head of my class?
Or am I just another
Asshole on Parade?


Bob Diaz (robertoD@Timbuk3Music.com)

This greatest hits album of Timbuk3 songs includes some of their best songs. I couldn't have chosen a better set of songs for this album (although I may have included "Sample the Dog"). Plus, there's the hillarious classic "Assholes on Parade".

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