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"Espace Ornano"

(Live Recording)

Released 1993


Produced By Timbuk3

Tracks and Lyrics

  1. Dirty Dirty Rice [2:50]
  2. Too Much Sex (Not Enough Affection) [3:52]
  3. Daddy's Down In The Mine [3:48]
  4. Acid Rain [3:41]
  5. Rage Of Angels [5:20]
  6. Tarzan Was A Bluesman [2:39]
  7. A Sinful Life [3:20]
  8. Throw Down Gun [5:28]
  9. The Border Crossing [4:11]
  10. Big Shot In The Dark [5:51]
  11. Bleeding Heart [5:40]
  12. Sample The Dog [4:15]
  13. Reckless Driver [6:30]


Bob Diaz (robertoD@Timbuk3Music.com)

This album captures Timbuk3 recorded live in France.

Joe Sherfy (Jsherfy@compuserve.com)

I may be biased, but I think this is a great live album. This is one of those rare live recordings that really is exciting. The performance crackles, the band is tight and the song selection will compliment the rest of your T3 record collection because there are some unreleased songs. My only gripe is that the between song banter has been cut out. Some people may like that, I miss it (having enjoyed Pat & Barbara's on stage observations on many occasions).

Patrick Cleasby (patrick@cleasby.freeserve.co.uk)

I was working in Paris in 1991, and I attended one of what I recall was a week's residency at the Espace Ornano, with my then fiance (now wife), Michelle. The gig was great, we stood at the front of stage right, in front of Barbara K.

Somewhere I have her set list, which is the only one I have written on a paper plate!

My only regret is that we signed a guest book which was supposed to be used on the album art, but wasn't. Since the locals didn't write effusive comments like us, maybe it would have been too dull! Still, at least we have the recording as a memento.

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