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"Edge Of Allegiance"

Released 1989
IRS Music Inc


Produced By Timbuk3 and Denardo Coleman

Tracks and Lyrics

  1. National Holiday [4:01]
  2. Waves of Grain [3:44]
  3. Dirty Dirty Rice [2:50]
  4. Pass It On [2:50]
  5. Standard White Jesus [4:45]
  6. Grand Old Party [3:13]
  7. Count To Ten [3:53]
  8. B-Side of Life [3:13]
  9. Acid Rain [3:42]
  10. Daddy's Down in the Mine [3:07]
  11. Don't Give Up On Me [2:43]
  12. Wheel of Fortune [2:29]

Memorable Lyrics

From B-Side Of Life

" So turn out the lights. Turn up the radio.
Don't know the singer, but I love that song.
I know that I'm no Baryshnikov baby,
But I wanna dance with you all night long.


Bob Diaz (robertoD@Timbuk3Music.com)

Album number three and they keep getting better! The gloomier sides of life and relationships are prominent in "Daddy's Down In The Mine", "Acid Rain", and "Wheel Of Fortune", but these are balanced out by positive outlooks in "B-Side Of Life", and "Don't Give Up On Me". And then there's "National Holiday" with its perfect images of Independence Day! All in all, there are a many pleasant melodies here.

David Hunt (ldhunt@sprynet.com)

Great album, but no Eden Alley!

Faye Manning-Crawford (Lindsay.crawford@juno.com)

My husband, Lindsay, found a commercial cassette copy of /EOA/ for 1$ in a thrift store. I played it so much the lettering is wearing off. We looked and looked for the cd, and finally found a copy in Portland (2 hours away). I had them hold it for us and I put it on my plastic, because I *HAD* to have it! We have *EVERYTHING* T3 has done, with the exception of the B-side of the Xmas single. What we would really like to see is a "Best of ... II" with all the other singles and B-sides collected for us die-hard fanatics.

Ian Barnett (i.barnett@virgin.net)

An example of the classic Difficult Third Album but a good one. Several great songs (National Holiday, Dirty Dirty Rice, B-Side Of Life) but maybe the restrictions of the two-plus-ghettoblaster lineup are making things appear a little samey-you can see why the band was expanded after this one. Not quite up to Greetings or Eden Alley, very good rather than excellent- but still very good.

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