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"Eden Alley"

Released 1988
IRS Music Inc


Produced By Dennis Herring

Tracks and Lyrics

  1. Tarzan Was A Bluesman [1:16]
  2. Easy [4:26]
  3. Reckless Driver [5:44]
  4. Dance Fever [2:43]
  5. Sample The Dog [3:18]
  6. Too Much Sex, Not Enough Affection [3:15]
  7. Welcome To The Human Race [3:17]
  8. Eden Alley [3:29]
  9. Reverend Jack & His Roamin' Cadillac Church [4:13]
  10. A Sinful Life [3:36]
  11. Little People Make Big Mistakes [2:07]
  12. Reprise (Don't Stop Now) [0:55]

Memorable Lyrics

From Tarzan Was A Bluesman

" Adam shot the apple into his vein.
Adam said to Eve: Me Tarzan, you Jane.


Bob Diaz (robertoD@Timbuk3Music.com)

Timbuk3's second album comes on strong. Once again they belt us with real-life songs like "Easy" and give us a unique perspective and outlook on life with "Welcome To The Human Race", "A Sinful Life", and "Little People Make Big Mistakes". Then, they throw in a few amusing musical jewels like "Dance Fever" and "Sample The Dog, and cap it off with one of their best ever play on words "Reverend Jack And His Roamin' Cadillac Church". Come on! Let's sing along - "Well we were raised..."

Joe Sherfy (Jsherfy@compuserve.com)

This is my favorite Timbuk 3 cd and a good place to start if you have never listened to them before.

Roots Woodruff (rootswoodruff@yahoo.com)

There was a time and a guy. We didn't agree on anything. I thought he was a European snot and he thought me an American simpleton. He was and I wasn't but that's neither here nor there. The only thing we really agreed on was this album just knocked our socks off and that Tom Petty was on his way to greater things. Well this album still kills and Tom Petty put out Full Moon Fever. We were both right. Course he's still a European snot and well, I'm no simpleton.

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