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"Big Shot In The Dark"

Released 1991
IRS Music Inc


Produced By Pat MacDonald and Barbara K. MacDonald

Tracks and Lyrics

  1. God Made An Angel [4:35]
  2. Sunshine [4:12]
  3. Two Medicines [3:12]
  4. The Border Crossing [4:35]
  5. Big Shot in the Dark [6:33]
  6. Mudflap Girl [4:50]
  7. Dis***land (Was Made For You & Me) [3:58]
  8. Wake Up Little Darlin' [2:44]
  9. '49 Plymouth [4:46]
  10. The Little Things [3:45]
  11. Sunshine (Instrumental) [4:41]

Memorable Lyrics

From Two Medicines

" Two medicines are all we really need.
Two medicines - effectiveness guaranteed.
They aid communication, make for better sex.
You can mix the two together with no bad side effects.
Two medicines to help you through the years - laughter and tears.


Bob Diaz (robertoD@Timbuk3Music.com)

On this, their fourth album, Timbuk3 shockingly departs from their well-rooted style and adds (drum roll) a bass player and drummer! And what a good move it was! The sound is fuller and more complete. There's even a steel drum version of "Sunshine"; I love steel drums. All the Timbuk3 signatures are here: wit ("God Made An Angel"), humor ("Mud Flap Girl"), good philosophical advice ("Two Medicines"), and uplifting melodies ("49 Plymouth", "Sunshine", and "The Little Things). This is the new-and-improved Timbuk3. Love the perfect match between the album cover photo and the album title, too.

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