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"A Hundred Lovers"

Released 1995
Windham Hill Records / High Street Records
72902 10331-2


Produced By Pat MacDonald and Barbara K

Tracks and Lyrics

  1. Sunshine is Dangerous [4:23]
  2. A Hundred Lovers [3:42]
  3. Just Wanna Funk With Your Mind [3:18]
  4. Legalize Our Love [5:19]
  5. Cynical [4:34]
  6. Not Yet Gone [4:15]
  7. Prey [3:27]
  8. Shotgun Wedding [4:19]
  9. Kitchen Fire [3:11]
  10. Inside Out [4:29]

Memorable Lyrics

From Inside Out

" We're all cut from one design
Not the same but equally fine
And equally crude


Timbuk3 - from the album's liner notes

This compact disc contains program material recorded utilizing T3's unique 'Dirty Digital'TM process, and therefore may contain some intentional distortion and other anomalies inherent to the 'Dirty Digital'TM domain. Do not attempt to adjust your system.

Bob Diaz (robertoD@Timbuk3Music.com)

This is their second album with a "full" band and it shows in the diversity of the music. Yet, Timbuk3 still retains its political wit with "Legalize Our Love", catchy tunes with "Sunshine Is Dangerous" and "Just Wanna Funk With Your Love", and cynicism with (what else!) "Cynical". Love it!

Phil Lesser (cigsandalcohol@hotmail.com)

I am very saddened by the break up of Timbuc 3. I thought they were such a great band...with some of the most amazing lyrics. I had the opportunity to see them in a small club here in Tulsa back in the 80's...just after Eden Alley came out. They were truly amazing live. I have Pat's new release and I like it alot but it's not the same. I just wanted to pass along how much the band meant to one person here in Oklahoma. I thought 100 Lovers was some of their strongest work to date...I loved it! Guilty Party Headquarters hit way too close to home! Anyway... My best to all in Austin, the music was superior to anything else released at the time, it will be missed in the future as well. Always, Phil

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